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Twitch Affiliate Program FAQ

This FAQ addresses some of the common questions asked about the Affiliate Program.

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Joining the Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Twitch Affiliate program allows qualified streamers to monetize their channel. Being an Affiliate unlocks new tools to help you build your audience.


What are the requirements to join the Affiliate Program?

The requirements to join the Affiliate Program are:

  1. Reach 50 Followers.
  2. Stream for 8 hours.
  3. Stream on 7 different days.
  4. Have an average of 3 viewers.

To qualify for the Affiliate Program, you must simultaneously meet all four requirements over a 30-day period.

Achievement data can sometimes take 24-48 hours to sync with your dashboard data. Don't worry if follower count, average viewers, or hours streamed achievements don't update immediately!

I met the requirements. What's next?

Congrats! Within 24-48 of completing your final requirement, you should receive an invitation to apply to the program via email, and in your Creator Dashboard.

I’m under 18, can I still sign up?

Yes. Your parent or guardian will need to agree to the terms of the Monetized Streamer Agreement, so make sure you have them with you when you go through the application.

Do I need to stream 7 different categories to meet the ‘7 unique broadcast days’ achievement?

Nope! This requirement asks you to stream on 7 different days total.

How do I check my progress towards the Affiliate Program?

Check your progress towards the Affiliate Program by navigating to your Achievements Analytics. Once your channel qualifies to join the program, you'll be able to do so by clicking the button that appears on your Path to Affiliate achievement.

How do I complete my Affiliate Onboarding?

For a full overview on the Onboarding process, please see our Affiliate Onboarding Guide.

For further information on joining the Affiliate Program and the features the program offers, please see our help article.

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